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Block Building Therapies Rehabilitation Services offers a variety of workshops that can be provided to groups at their place of work, school or outside venue. We can also customize a workshop to meet your specific learning needs if you do not find what you are looking for in our list of topics below. Please contact our office to arrange for all in-services.

Basic Ergonomics

This half day workshop covers the basic principals of ergonomics, proper positioning and setting up your workstation to be safe and comfortable whether you work at a desk, teach in a classroom or treat patients in a medical field.

Brain Injury and Brain Injury Rehabilitation:

Level 1

This half day workshop is a basic overview of brain function and how brain injury can affect function and independence.

Level 2

This full day workshop covers level 1 topics as well as a general overview of the rehabilitation process and the benefits of therapy for the recovering brain.

Level 3

This workshop covers Level 1 and 2 topics as well as specific rehabilitation goals, treatments and outcomes for working with individuals with brain injuries of all ages.

Fine Motor Skills

This workshop is an in-depth look at the components of fine motor development which help educators assess, challenge, and increase their student's fine motor skills.

How Does Your Engine Run?

This workshop is an introduction to a program designed by Occupational Therapists to teach children to recognize and regulate their levels of arousal using a "sensory diet," that is, by accessing sensory experiences that are calming, alerting and/or organizing to the central nervous system.

Handwriting Without Tears

This workshop is an introduction to an excellent handwriting curriculum designed by Occupational Therapist, Jan Olsen. A very systematic, easy-to-use program that builds up the rudiments of writing step by step, from nursery level pre-printing skills to mid-elementary cursive writing.

Social Skills

This workshop looks at how to improve social skills in the classroom, how to reach out to your students and improve their behaviours.

Structuring the Classroom for Students with Fetal Alcohol Related neurological Disorder

The effects of fetal exposure to alcohol are widespread and variable. This workshop is designed to help educators understand what lies behind the learning difficulties and troubling behaviours often associated with fetal alcohol behaviour, and how to structure the classroom so students with FARND can learn and get along.

Attention, Memory and Understanding

This workshop is based mainly on the work of Dr. Mel Levine, a specialist in learning disorders. Topics covered will be:

  • What is attention, how do we catch it and hold it?
  • How does memory work.
  • How does understanding happen.

Sensory Integration

This workshop will provide an understanding of sensory integration, what sensory processing difficulties look like, how to detect it and how to manage it in the home and classroom. Topics covered will be:

  • What is sensory integration?
  • How can sensory integration affect our day to day function.
  • What can we do as parents and educators to help children with sensory processing difficulties?

Autism Spectrum Disorder

This full day workshop will provide you with an understanding of ASD, including Aspergers Syndrome, Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorder not Otherwise Specified, signs and symptoms, diagnosis and treatment for the home and classroom. If there are specific areas you would like covered in this workshop please discuss when registering.

All workshops and/or training is offered as a half day or full day option.

We customize workshops and training to meet your specific needs.

Please contact Block Building Therapies to arrange for any of the above topics to be offered for your workplace or school.