Building Blocks
towards independence


Block Building Therapies

Concussion Care Community Clinic

We assist children and adults recover from the effects of concussion or mild traumatic brain injury.


Mental Health Services

We offer assessment and intervention for clients who have been diagnosed with Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, OCD, and more.


Neuro-rehabilitation Services

We work to reintegrate and maintain individuals with an acquired brain injury in their own community by providing treatment, support, training, and education to clients, as well as families and caregivers.



Block Building Therapies has been providing rehabilitation services to Manitobans since 1998. Our Occupational Therapists offer bilingual services in three main areas: musculoskeletal, neurological, and vocational services.

Services offered in English and French.


Depuis 1998, Block Building Therapies offre des services de réadaptations aux Manitobains. Nos ergotherapeutes peuvent offir des services bilingues dans trois domaines principaux: troubles musculo-squelettiques, neurologiques et la formation professionnelle

Services offerts en français et anglaise.

Building blocks toward independence.

We provide high quality individualized, community-based assessment and rehabilitation services to individuals with developmental, neurological or musculoskeletal injury or disability. Our program is centered on an integrated approach to assessment and treatment that focuses on successfully transitioning a client back to his or her home, school, or work environment.


Block Building Therapies is pleased to announce the launch of our Adult ADHD Program!

The first of its kind in the Occupational Therapy practice area, our program aims to work with adults to overcome challenges associated with ADHD and provide resources to aid clients to be as successful as possible in their various roles and environments.

Please click here to learn more about our Adult ADHD Program


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Block Building Therapies is a certified Brain FX provider; however, Brain FX has temporarily blocked access to their assessments and reports due to administrative and technological issues. In order to continue offering mild brain injury and concussion testing, we will be using a battery of objective and reliable assessment tools that will provide a comprehensive overview of our client’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses as they relate to neurological impairments. Please contact us directly to learn more about the assessment and treatment protocol.

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Block Building Therapies is a fee for service clinic and as such, our treatments are not covered by Manitoba Health.