Block Building Therapies has been providing physical assessment and intervention for clients who have a variety of physical injuries. This includes but is not limited to orthopedic and musculoskeletal diagnoses such as fractures and Whiplash Associated Disorders. Occupational Therapists at Block Building Therapies work closely with hospital staff to ensure a safe discharge home and into the community. Physical rehabilitation services include the following:

Block Building Therapies (BBT) offers very specialized personal care and home assessment services. Nicole Beauchesne, BBT’s owner/manager, studied and developed the “Personal Care Assessment Tool” used by Manitoba Public Insurance (effective November 1, 2004). This tool assesses a client’s ability to function in the areas of self care, mobility, home and community management skills following a motor vehicle accident or injury. Further to the development of the new tool, she trained Manitoba clinicians to use it in their community. She works with BBT’s staff to ensure that Personal Care Assessments are accurately completed to identify obstacles to independent living in the areas of self-care and home management. All staff is well-trained and versed in the use of the Manitoba Public Insurance Personal Care Assistance tool.

Home Assessments by Block Building Therapies are provided expediently and cost effectively to assist in quick discharges to the community. We work extensively with hospital clinicians, families, schools, employers and case managers to ensure a smooth, well coordinated discharge home. Hospital staff and case managers can rely on our therapists to provide practical and cost-effective recommendations. Equipment prescription and training, home/school/work modifications, and family education are among a few of the services provided in this area.

Assessment of childcare, or dependent care status, are readily available by the Occupational Therapists at Block Building Therapies. In-home assessments are completed to determine care needs of children or adults that require personal care and home management assistance as a result of injury. Reports include information about barriers to independent care giving as well as solutions to manage a family after an injury.

Block Building Therapies assesses a client’s physical and cognitive ability to use various mobility devices such as a manual or power wheel chair, walker, crutches or scooter. Custom seating can also be completed in the clinic or on site in the community. Our therapists have a close rapport with many equipment vendors and suppliers in Winnipeg and surrounding area to provide the best solutions to safe mobility.

Block Building Therapies provides high quality case management services by working closely with the injured employee, health care provider, employer, and other significant parties to coordinate successful and cost-effective outcomes. Knowledge of community resources, excellent counselling techniques and timely case reporting are representative of the skills used to assist clients in attaining successful recovery, rehabilitation, and return to work. Our Occupational Therapists provide creative services that meet account, employer, and client needs. Block Building Therapies is committed to effectively identifying and meeting the needs of its clients.