Block Building Therapies has engaged in providing Forensic Occupational Therapy Services to Manitoban Youth Offenders, while incarcerated as well as during reintegration into their communities, since 2012 Occupational Therapists bring their specialized clinical knowledge in addressing mental health concerns, building life-long skills and purposeful strategies for coping with traumatic environments to their Clientele.   Occupational Therapists can provide services that may include assessment, direct intervention, consultation and public/parent/caregiver education and/or training within a variety of settings.  Individuals are guided to identify strengths, values, interests, resources and challenges in order to implement plans that address family commitments, employment and leisure activities.   Occupational Therapists work diligently with other members of the individuals’ interdisciplinary team to provide a client centered, culture based and holistic approach that integrates itself into the building of a treatment program that supports the individual through the criminal justice process and beyond. Many of our clients carry additional challenges such as cognitive deficits or diagnoses of FASD, ADHD, OPP, PTSI, sexual assault, substance abuse and addictions or other traumatic life events that complicate their circumstances. Block Building Therapies is committed to building collaborated partnerships with like-minded agencies to serve and provide bright futures for Youth Offenders in Manitoba.