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Community Brain Injury Services

Our mandate is to reintegrate and maintain individuals with an acquired brain injury in their own community by providing treatment, support, training, and education to clients, as well as families and caregivers. Our goals and interventions are client centered around the person’s physical, social and vocational environments. Our team is highly qualified in neuro-rehabilitation and provides evidence based practice in a timely and cost-effective manner. By using this as our philosophy, we are assisting clients achieve optimal function and independence in the community.

Occupational Therapy Assessments are completed by a qualified Occupational Therapist with a specialty in neuro-rehabilitation. Services include:

  • Functional Assessments to assess strengths or limitations in self-care, leisure and productivity.
  • Cognitive Assessments & Rehabilitation using standardized assessment tools and outcome measures. Therapy includes self awareness training and teaching compensatory strategies to be more independent.
  • Community Based Rehabilitation to teach independence in real life settings (grocery shopping, bus transportation, vocational (paid or unpaid). Includes reactivation programs including increasing exercise, volunteering, and vocational outings
  • Social Skills Training (both in groups or individualized sessions).
  • Return To Work Program which includes the development of compensatory strategies/accommodations to assist a person in re-entry back to work following injury.
  • Case Management Services as needed to ensure optimal support to client and family.
  • Education Workshops for families, employers, schools regarding acquired brain injury as well as assisting in optional recovery.
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Physiotherapy Assessments are also completed by qualified Physiotherapists who specialize in brain injury. Services include:

  • In-home physical therapy assessments with detailed physical programs for optimal recovery.
  • Community based assessments in local gyms, work or school settings.

Rehabilitation Support Services are offered with or without the direct involvement of an Occupational Therapist from Block Building Therapies, however all Rehabilitation Support programs are directly supervised by an Occupational Therapist or Physiotherapist. Rehabilitation Support Services are offered at a reduced rate in comparison to a therapist and can therefore be a cost effective way to achieve rehabilitation goals. Services include:

  • Community Outings, such as medical appointments or social outings.
  • Meal planning, including grocery shopping, teaching healthy nutrition planning & pacing strategies.
  • Money management, such as budgeting.
  • Home management, such as learning independent ways to organize & declutter.
  • Time management, following daily routines and schedules/checklists.
  • Support for completing therapy assignments (OT, PT, Psych, SLP, etc.)
  • Supervision or support at the gym, following or completing an exercise routine.
  • Social Skills training such as 1-1 or group based social training opportunities.

To make a referral, please email us or call our office at 204-231-0785.