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Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury Services

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Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) affect many children every year as a result of motor vehicle, bicycle and leisure based accidents (falls, diving etc.). The brain functions as the control centre for all of the body’s functions by helping us to think and communicate, have feelings and actions, and move about and interact with the environment.

Damage to the brain can occur at the time of impact or may develop after the injury. The child may have a fractured skull or damage to specific areas within the skull. Even a slight blow to the head can cause long term problems with daily functioning. Recovery can occur over many months and sometimes even over many years.

School based intervention is the most common form of occupational therapy intervention for children with traumatic brain injuries. Our therapists will:

  • Function as an educational resource specialist to provide support, training and problem solving skills to staff
  • Translate medical information into school language
  • Help the school personnel recognize and understand family issues
  • Attend team meetings and individualized educational planning meetings on the child to introduce current academic problems the child is experiencing.
  • Provide in-services to staff and peers about the impact of traumatic brain injuries on school functioning.
  • Educate staff about teaching strategies that may assist the child with their schoolwork and peer relations.
  • Provide regular individual therapy to improve memory, attention, organization, coordination, strength, and mobility status.
  • Suggest environmental changes at the school such as ergonomic computer usage, modified reading materials, desk placement.
  • Provide equipment such as computers, software, switches, chairs, walkers, wheelchairs or bathroom aids that may increase independence at school.

Block Building Therapies likes to work very closely with the parents and siblings of the child. Parents know their child best. They are usually the only constant in the child’s life as professional (doctors, therapist & nurses) will continue to come and go. Parents have first-hand experience with their child before and after a traumatic brain injury. Block Building Therapies wants to work with families and school staff to help them learn about brain injury and how to use that knowledge to their best advantage. Parents are the ultimate caregivers, advocates, experts, and care co-ordinators.