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Children’s Groups

Our groups are recommended for children with difficulties with functioning due to poor social skills and/or sensory integration difficulties. This is for the child who has trouble sitting still to pay attention… the child who is having trouble making and keeping friends… the child who is overloaded by a busy environment… the child who is often aggressive or inappropriate with other children. Although the groups are not geared to any one diagnosis, they are highly recommended for children with Attention Deficit Disorder, Autism, Down Syndrome, or Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Our groups include the following:

How Does your Engine Run?

Will teach your child: To identify engine levels, use “tools” to regulate his engine level (fidget toys, yummy treats, music, smells, pictures), tell others their engine level, etc – all in a fun, interesting group. Involvement of parents, TA’s, and teachers is encouraged.

Social Skills Group

Will teach your child: Sharing/cooperative play, taking turns, identifying/expressing emotions, dealing with bullying/teasing, making friends, etc. using the “Skill Streaming” concept for teaching social skills to early childhood, elementary and adolescent children.

Handwriting without Tears (Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten)

Will help to develop important Kindergarten readiness skills such as: Playing and Singing, Motor skills (fine & gross), Social/Emotional Skills, Cognitive/Language Skills, Sensory awareness and Visual Perceptual Skills. This program uses a variety of FUN, developmentally sequenced and developmentally appropriate activities.

Handwriting without Tears (Grade 1-4)

Individual assistance with printing and cursive skills is also available.